Thursday, November 27, 2008

Iraqi Democracy Tops U.S Democracy

Today the Iraqi Parliament approved an agreement that would allow U.S troops to remain in Iraq until the end of 2011. 149 Parliament members voted for the agreement. I find it very odd that the Iraqi Parliament was allowed vote on the agreement, while the U.S Congress was not. There are other provisions in the agreement, but even U.S experts really cannot speculate for sure what is in the agreement. The Bush Administration has admitted that they would prefer not to translate the agreement and make it public in fear of public backlash. God forbid the American people realize what the agreement says and do not approve of it. This is typical Bush secrecy and Fascism though; surpassing executive powers while re-writing the rule of law and our own Constitution, therefore slapping the American public in the face.
Our elected Congress people were not given the opportunity to vote on it. Our people do no what the agreement entail.
So does Iraq have more of a democracy than we do?

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