Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain Similar to Bush

We hear all this talk from Senator Obama and the Democratic Party claiming, 'McCain supports the failed Bush White House policies; McCain is a third term for Bush.' etc, etc.
So, does McCain really support Bush's policies?

Has McCain, the self proclaimed 'straight-talk express' really brought straight-talk?

President Bush pledged to fight global warming and climate change, but he surprisingly turned his back on an international treaty, Kyoto Protocol, and refused to sign on to it with the rest of the world. This would of been an international agreement to cap green house gases and reduce CO2 emissions.
John McCain also pledges to fight global warming, but remember who's funding his campaign and filling his wallet, the 'we don't believe in scientific proof' Republicans. Is that why Bush hasn't held his pledge?

Along with the war hawks in the White House, McCain also supports the controversial War in Iraq. John McCain said we'd be in Iraq for 100 years, but recently he's said we'd win the War in Iraq by 2013. President Bush has threatened to veto any kind of date for withdrawal and McCain opposes such measure.

Here's where things get interesting. McCain has flip-flopped on a lot of issues lately. I'm just going to focus on offshore drilling, taxes, and torture. McCain has actually moved toward the Bush White House with his positions.

On offshore drilling, McCain opposed U.S offshore drilling in 1999 , however in 2008 he changed his position and now supports it. In recent news, Bush has said that he also supports it and is blaming the democrats for gas prices. Glad to see President Bush has finally developed a plan for high gas prices--wait 8 years for gas to hit $4/gallon, blame the democrats, and side with John McCain, or vice versa.

John McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts in 2001, but in 2008 says he would continue the Bush tax cuts. He has dramatically changed his position right in line with President Bush.

On torture, John McCain opposed using water boarding and extreme methods because of his previous POW experience. In 2008, McCain voted no on banning water boarding and sided with President Bush.

Not only is John McCain siding with President Bush's policies, he's sounding more and more like a flip flopper.
Wait, didn't the Republicans accuse John Kerry of being a flip flopper in 2004?

The 'straight-talk express' has displayed everything except straight-talk.

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